Convince a friend to SSMTB

As I plunge further and further into this belt-drive singlespeed project, the big question is HOW do I convince other people to ride singlespeed?
The answer is:  I DON'T.   Riders need to discover singlespeeding for themseves.  

Peer pressure however, is a magical thing.  Someone loans a friend a singlespeed to try and very soon you have another singlespeed believer.

There are HUGE benefits to switch to singlspeeding, but most people need to try it for themselves, but they have to "want to" first.  So here are a few singlespeed "seeds" to plant in your friends mind.

SSMTB Myths:

  • Not fast enough? Don't tell Travis Brown that (he rides for Trek and won the SSWC in 2002). There are a lot of "athelete" class singlespeeders who get paid to race SSMTB.
  • Hills? - Uk terrain is perfect for Singlespeeding.  Not too lumpy or bumpy, but just right.  
  • Too hard? - walking is the same speed and the "granny" gear up the steep hills. 

SSMTB Benefits:

  • Cheaper - Less drivetrain maintenance
  • Quiet -there is no chainslap and belt-drives are even quieter.
  • Pace - Good for pacing on endurance events
  • Simple - less to go wrong
  • Forget - Downhills are a joy with nothing to do but dab the brakes.
  • Cross training - this keeps you "cycling" fit over the winter, while your geared bike (or gears) stays clean until summer.

If this fails offer to loan them a try on your single speed, so that they can realise the fun of singlespeeding.