How to Ride the SDW on a SSMTB in 1 day.

We have been planning and training for this for months.  That's right, the 100 Miles of the South Downs Way on SingleSpeeds.   We have all attempted or completed the South Downs Way before and ride singlespeed by choice.  

Travel light:

Carry heavy items on your bike.  Water and tools are best carried on the frame somewhere.
Save your back and shoulders and have less water in your hydo-genated back pack.  Carry food in reachable pockets.

Watch the weather:

Plan your train around the BBC or MET office.  Capitalise on the tail wind and if it rains go the next day.  

Base training:

We have put in the miles.  2 x 30 mile rides and 2 x 50 mile rides were the minimum out of respect.  After the miles we are all resting up for a few days of carbo-loading.
The night before do not eat masses of carb's as it will just sit there.

Travel light.


There is a lot of information on cycling the South Downs Way.   Here are a few links that I have found useful. 

Maps and milage.

This allows you to plan a target schedule to get to the pub/train station:

Water stops: 

This is really important as it allows you to carry less water.  2 litres = 2 Kg on your back.


The Actual Ride: (Next Friday night into Saturday)

We are cycling in pairs to support each other and because groups split up.  
Having said that ride at an easy pace the last 3 hours are a world of pain.  This is about completion and not Strava times.   Hydrate often and fuel the body hourly.  

And remember if it does not happen there is always the next weekend.