Commuteering the Cuckmere

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Cuckmere Frost

My ever changing view of  commuteering via the Cuckmere Valley.  This is also a reminder to keep riding through those winter months to capture those rewards of sunsets, rainbows and views....

Since relocating to Sussex, I am lucky enough to have a cycle commute that keeps me away from traffic.  This is commuteering.  This ancient River valley with its little fishing cottages in the distance, draws me to a stop.   Tempting me take a break.  Demanding me to capture the moment.

Cuckmere Snow

This #ridewithaview always slaps me in the face.  Every morning at approximately 07:15 I pass the Cuckmere River and put this onto my Instagram.  Exactly the same photo, with the changing seasons.  I try to capture them on a small camera phone, but this does not give it any justice to its majestic view, however I still keep adding to the hundreds of Cuckmere photos to my feed amoungst the . 

Cuckmere Spring

The Cuckmere River is on the coast of East Sussex nestled between West Dean and Seaford.  River Cuckmere meanders slowly to the sea and is preserved in time by Victorian flood defences.

Cuckmere Summer

Unfortuneately the Cuckmere Valley can no longer hold back the tide.  However it will always be a special place and part of myridewithaview.

Cuckmere Autumn