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Read in your best TV infomercial voice.

It's a bottle. It's a map. It fits on your bicycle. It can be washed in the dishwasher... Dishwasher? Yes dishwasher. Ideal for all of those sticky isotonic fuel drinks.  If you have CamelBak you will know that water is best to stop mushrooms and other moulds growing in your hydration pack.  Everyone needs a bottle for those chores that a hydration pack cannot handle.

This has a graphic map that can act as a visual aid or reminder to get you through the suffering of the 100mile South Downs Way.   The top section of the bottle has all of the tap points listed.  The Bottom graphic has both the elevation and tap points along route. This can either motivate you to dig deep or laugh at you int he face of failure.

The South Downs way should be respected whether going for your personal best, guiding your mates or going out for the double. This bottle has been selected from a European Water bottle supplier, who supply the Peloton.

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