Steven Olsen is an engineer and product designer based in Sussex, UK, with nearly 20 years of experience behind him.  The Pinion Gearbox Bike is the fruit borne from his extensive research, and it's quite a machine, featuring a full carbon monocoque frame with UK hardtail geometry, belt-drive, Pinion gearbox and 27.5/29” wheel compatibility.

Unlike most carbon frame manufacturers, Steve offers semi-customisable reach, head angle and bottom bracket geometry, and with the frame being his own design – manufactured in Sussex using Formula One techniques – he's engineered very specific features into it, enhancing tyre clearance, strength and balance. The frame can also accept Pinion P-line or C-line gearboxes – included in the £2,700 starting price – maximising your choice of gearing versus weight and drivetrain longevity.