When STW issue 112 did a ZOMBIE BIKE test - then I jumped at the offer.

Zombies have changed from the George A Romero classic "staggering" Zombies.  Sure there are "smart-phone" Zombies which are similar these days, but the ones that we have to look out for are Alex Garland's "28 Days Later" Zombie a.k.a. Zombies that can run FAST.  And according to Max Brooks, Zombie Survival Guide, lists a lot of items that we will need to carry to set up camp .  

Therefore we will need bicycles that are robust and versatile like the Ram: 

1.  27.5+ fast rolling tyres to ride over Zombies.  Plus size tyres have a great grip for going down trails and over Zombies with ease.  Roads will fall into disrepair, so Plus tyres are going to help get you places.

2.  Suspension, again for going over Zombies.

3.  Carbon-drive belt will ensure silence, as Zombies are attracted to noise.

4.  The Pinion gearbox makes sure that the drivetrain can shift when stationary - an excellent feature for taking off if suddenly attacked.

5.  The Ram can also be fitted with some rigid forks to do some serious Zombie Survival bike packing.

I really hope that we do not have a Zombie apocalypse, however with the Ram I will be ready.