Designing by Consensus

Thank you all to the 14 cyclists who participated in my "Designing by Consensus" social network questionaire. 
This survey was to help design a Belt Drive Singlespeed 29er Mountain bike. 

Although the survey pool was small, there are some interesting and unexpected findings.  
I do not think we have anything close to Homer Simpsons car, so we have a chance to get a good design here.  
I am no expert and the data could be considered biased, but this is my take on the results.

If I was to summarise the results, the design criteria would be as follows:
Almost everyone rides in winter or the rain on mostly local trails.  
All of you have ridden recently with longest rides of over 50-100miles.  

This bicycle has to be belt drive (10/14). 4 people did not answer this question.
Singlespeed (9/14).  It was interesting to see 1 person wanting to try singlespeeding.
29er Wheel size (7/14). There is still 26 inch riders out there and 650b is coming.
I still think that 29 inch wheels have a lot of benefits and suit all but the shortest of riders. 
Tyre clearance for 2.3 tyres (7/14). 
Front suspension (6/14). This was lower than expected, but the results are saying that a design for both rigid and suspension is needed.

In the spirit of social-media and "open-source" a summary of the raw data follows:

What size diametre tyre do you ride?    
26 inch        5
27.5 inch    2
29 inch        7
Do you have front suspension?    
Front and Rear    2
Front         4
Not for Winter    4
Not Ever    2

What width tyre do you prefer in summer?    
2.1 XC Tyres    4
2.3 AM Tyres    7

Have you ridden a singlespeed MTB?    
Yes and I still do        9
Yes but I do not like it    1
No but I am interested        2
No never gears are the best thing for me - 0