Life is too short to be ANGRY...

As we travel across space on this small blue planet called "Earth"... Living on a small collection of rocks called the British Isles.....We need to take care what we wish for...

OLSEN Bicycles is a socially responsible company. We are "Not for profit" and have no company car. We embrace Cycling as an antidote to the modern world.

Need not WANT - Real not Fake - No Black Fridays - No Cyber Mondays - Not Just for Christmas


What is this Beat the Brexit Bonanza?

Due to pressures of the "inward looking" we want to stay looking outward to better horizons. We are offering a "Best Before Brexit Bonanza" - the this is the last opportunity to buy an OLSEN bicycle frame using (Previously) Great British Pound currency.

We are offering 6x Frames, 2 every month until March 2019.

Contact us here for details.

All profits are going to be invested back into the company to make it survive BREXIT, and develop more products. In March 2019 we are switchin to EUROs for our main currency and prices may go up...

British manufacturing has been let down by the UK Govt. 10 years of austrity has meant that we have had very few UK customers. As a company we want to stand strong and offer innovative products. This company has been supported by business development boards and mentouring systems. (Partially funded by the EU.) I am not about saying good bye, dreams do not come along that often and manufacturing takes time. You have to transcend fashion and trends to truely innovate. It takes luck and a lot of luck.

I grew up as a Colonial Commoner (in NZ), however over 20years of living and working in England I felt like a Global Citizen. I chose to make Britain my home, because it was part of something bigger. New Zealand has the reputation of being like Britain in the 1950's, this is not true and somewhere I do not want to go back.

In 2016 when I started this company I had prototyped and consulted manufacturers. I had invested and received EU business development funding. It was all changed over a what we know now as a 2% vote split. The 10years of austerity was not great for manufacturing, but this vote threw everything into question. Nobody in business really knows what is going to happen until we get the details.

I wanted to manufacture in Britain for several reasons:

  • Britian is a leader in Carbon fibre manufacturing.

  • Keeping manufacturing local provides better batch control.

  • We can compete in the online global market place even against brands made in the far east.

  • We make frames in England, using the most innovative parts from across Europe.

The UK has been here before, Sturmy-Archer and Raleigh are case studies for what happens if you neglect innovation and let management loose sight of the industry.

At OLSEN I looked at designing bikes that could survive Great British Weather. I wanted something that did not involve cleaning after every ride. A bicycle with a low maintenance drivetrain, that I could rely on for commuting or training chores, as well as trail riding. Unlike other bicycle companies, our designs specialise in drivetrains that work in the worst conditions. We use Gates Carbondrive and Pinion Gearboxes, both of which are affected by currency fluctuations - let alone free-trade deals.

I have tried and tested these systems for many years and would never go back to the fragile world of external derailleur drive-trains systems.

“We ALL have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe” the UN IPCC report. As Climate change grips us we are going to need to include the humble bicycle more for everyday transport…