N-1C - frameSET WITH pinion c-line c1.12 gearbox


The N-1 will not run derailleur, it has been designed to accommodate the Pinion gearbox only and Gates Carbon Drive.  Gearboxes have more long-term benefits for mountain biking than an exposed rear derailleur system. Years of maintenance free cycling. 10000 quiet belt drive miles.  

The N-1 is designed around the Pinion gearbox and 2 tyre sizes. Both 29 x 2.4" and 27.5 x 3.0" (plus sized) tyres without affecting the handling. This design uses the benefits of carbon monocoque construction from one huge tool. However the "reach" (top tube) can be changed from between 420 - 485mm by using tool sections to lengthen the frame. Fully custom options are available, allowing the head angle can be anything from 65 to 70 degrees.  Bottom bracket drop can also be custom made by changing the mounting plates.

N1 PINION 27.5x3.jpg

Now that you have chosen the Pinion gearbox, we can customise some details.  Each Olsen Frame can be changed by you the customer.  
The "base geometry" design is a culmination of all the years designing 29inch wheel geometry, but has scope for change.  The "swing-plates" hold the gearbox on - however they also allow the geometry to be adjusted for LONG or SHORT travel forks.  The "swing-plates" change the chainstay length and bottom bracket drop.  These are several options that we will guide you through with drawings.


This OLSEN Pinion Gearbox Bike Frameset comes with the following:

  • Pinion C-Line gearbox (powder coated and only available in black)

  • CNC Chainset

  • Shifter is Black - however upgrades are available in colours

  • Head angle optional: 66- 70 degrees

  • Headset optional: Tapered headset SHIS 44/56 or straight SHIS 44mm

  • Fork Range: 470-530mm / 150mm (27.5") 140mm (29")

  • Wheel sizes MAX :27.5x3.0" or 29x2.8"

  • Chainstay length: 430 - 445mm

  • Seatpost: 31.6mm with dropper port on the downtube

  • Rear end: 142 or 148mm X12 Maxle

  • Weight: 1.2Kg

  • Bottle cages: 6 (under and over the down tube)

This C-Line Frameset is matched with the Pinion C-Line 1.12 12speed gearbox for weather-proof riding.  Everything else builds up to this...  Pinion has internal gears with the weight at the centre.  This makes for predictive handling and long-term low maintenance.

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