I first made this out of necessity. One of my riding pals introduced me to one of the best sports bars that I have ever tried. This bar shall remain nameless, but lets just say it had a great combination of raisins, malt and rice crispies. Needless to say I convinced my local middle-class supermarket to stock them and within a few months, I was supplying my mates. However I was supporting a £1/hour riding habit and my supermarket stopped stocking them.


This made me start thinking about how much we spend on "placebo" sports food and can we make alternatives. Jaffa Cakes and Soreen Loaf are used as great sports snacks. They are both cheap to buy, so there is no point trying to make these at home.

However Sports bars like Power-this and Clif-that are about £1 ber bar. These bars are basically commercially made Flapjacks and can easily be made with store cupboard ingredients. The problem with most homemade Flapjacks recipes is that they use a minimum of 100g of butter which equates to a min of 11g of fat per bar! I found a "healthy" alternative using "low-fat" spread. This still had a fat content of 8g per bar!

For the following "Sport Flapjack" recipe I went back to the ingredient list on the back of my favourite bars wrapper and adapted it into a Flapjack recipe.

I get about 32 "bars" out of a 25x18cm backing tray.

Each bar has an energy level of approximately 217kCal / 3.1g Fat and cost about £0.16p

The Sport Flapjack Hack (open source) recipe:

Prep 10mins...Cook 30mins. Set oven to 160degC on Fan

Prepare a 18x25cm baking tray lined with backing parchment.


Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl:

3cups Oats (with wheatgerm).

4cups rice bubbles

500g raisins blended. I pulse blend the raisens in with some oats.

Mix below in a Large stock pot until bubbling:

1 can of caramel

3 Tbsp black treacle or g/syrup

3 Tbsp peanut butter

3 Tbsp Malt (optional)

100g soft brown sugar

Add the dry mixture to the pot mixture, mixing as you go. It should be diffucult to stir by the end having just enough dry to wet mixture to hold shape.

Pour out into tray and press mixture into the corners. I use another piece of baking paper to flatten it out. Remove before placing into the oven.

Use another baking tin to make the top flat if you like?

Place in oven for 30mins.

Lift out onto board and cut as soon as it is cooled a little.


This is the base to start with and I am working on a "buzz" coffee and chocolate flavoured version to help stop getting "food boredom" on long distance rides like the 100 mile South Downs Way. Experiment with what works for you and your stomach. Change a few ingredients at a time and come up with your own winning flavour and enjoy sharing with your riding friends.