Blackberry Wine

Take 30 pound of blackberries and stand in a basin for 3 weeks to one month, then strain into a barrel.

Add sugar, 8 lbs to 2 gallons of juice.

Let stahd until it finishes working, about 12 days, then bung down and let stand for 9 months.

The wine is then ready for use but the longer it is kept the better.

Apple Cider

Cut up the apples into slices putting in peels and cores as well.   

Place into a large bowl or basin and sprinkle with a few cloves.

Pour on sufficient boiling water to cover the apples well.

Place a cloth on top, cover with a board as well and add a weight to it.

Let it stand 10 or 12 hours, strain, add sugar to taste, bottle and apply tops tightly.

Elderberry Wine

To 1 peck of elderberries or (20lb) add 3 gallons of water, 3 lb sugar, 1/2 of whole ginger,

6 cloves, 1lb or raisins, 1 packet of mixed spice, handful of peppercorns, 2 eggs, 1 cup of yeast.

Pour boiling water on the berries (make sure you remove all of the green stems), stand 24 hours.

Squeeze and strain.

Boil all of the ingredients for 1 hour.

Pour into a cask and when cool, add the yeast.

Ferment for 14 days.

Bung the cask and leave for 2 months.

Bottle and cork.