...The frames’ carbon layup can also be adjusted to suit the purchaser’s weight and riding style.  Available as complete bikes, the Swan is built around 29×2.4in rubber while the Ram comes with 27.5×3.0 treads...

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“I want these bikes to be as versatile as possible. Everything from muddy forest trails to adventure bikepacking” says Olsen and, no doubt will include a few Great British pub stops along the way. 
But is it set to be the most maintenance-free mountain bike on the planet, and will it stand the test of the infamous SDW double record?...

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... Unlike most carbon frame manufacturers, Steve offers semi-customisable reach, head angle and bottom bracket geometry.... he's engineered very specific features into it, enhancing tyre clearance, strength and balance....

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Inside Pinion Gearboxes

...The gearbox. The white whale of mountain bike drivetrains.  On paper they make a lot of sense, centralising weight, eliminating the chain influence from the suspension and removing the fragile derailleur from its exposed position...

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Derailleur vs Gearbox

...Times, however, are changing. New technology and manufacturing techniques have been continuously increasing strength and reducing the weight of both systems.   Surely, with the introduction of SRAM's Eagle and its whopping twelve gears, modern chain-retaining rings and quieting clutches, the derailleur (as we know it) has been developed to its limit...

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MBR will gearboxes kill off the derailleur?

...But how did Pinion get started? Ten years ago Christoph Lerman and Michael Schmitz were enthusiastic mountain bikers working at Porsche. 
It was there that the two engineers decided they could make something better than the derailleur....

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