Wren 130-150mm Mountain Bike Suspension Fork
Wren 130-150mm Mountain Bike Suspension Fork
Wren 130-150mm Mountain Bike Suspension Fork
Wren 130-150mm Mountain Bike Suspension Fork
Wren 130-150mm Mountain Bike Suspension Fork


Wren 130-150mm Mountain Bike Suspension Fork

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The Wren forks is an Inverted Fork - with all the benefits of upside down stanchions:
  • Inverted fork design simply works better. By inverting the fork so that the lighter stanchions are on the bottom, we reduce the mass of the moving part of the fork so that it will react quicker and easier to the trail.
  • Inverting also anchors the stanchions into the stronger, larger upper tubes and crown-making the overall chassis much stronger and stiffer.
  • Inverting lowers the fulcrum point where the uppers join the stanchions, compared to other fork designs, decreasing the leverage factor.
  • Inverting also positions the seals downward so that all kinds of bad stuff doesn’t sit on them and get pulled into your fork. 
The Wren TwinAir System is designed to fine-tune the ride of the fork using only your air pump. No disassembly of the fork is required. The TwinAir system is similar to the token system used in other suspension forks but is infinitely more adjustable. The floating piston in the TwinAir system can be moved as little or as much as you want. This allows you to fine-tune the spring rate to exactly match your riding style and trail conditions.

All-Weather damper. Now standard equipment in all Wren suspension forks. Real-world tested down to -27°F (so far), the Wren All-Weather damper is the only damper you need to ride in all temperatures. Wren dampers are a sealed cartridge unit that prevents contamination and needs no servicing. The sealed unit uses a flexible bladder to keep the oil under pressure at all times greatly reducing the effects of cavitation at high damper speeds. Wren dampers have both compression and rebound circuits and provide a true lockout. Wren All-Weather dampers are maintenance-free ensuring consistent performance over the life of the damper.

  • Tire Size: Width - 110 mm hub is up to 3.0″. Please refer to the tire size chart.
  • Wheel Size*: 26″ to 29″. Please refer to the wheel size chart.
  • Steerer: 7050 Alloy Tapered – 1.125″ ~ 1.5″, Length: 260 mm
  • Crown: 6066T6 Alloy 3D forged
  • Stanchions: 7050 Alloy hard anodized, 36mm
  • Uppers: 7050 Alloyhard anodized, 43mm
  • Dropouts: Forged
  • Axle: QR15, 15 mm quick-release thru-axle
  • Brake: PM6 post-mount, direct mount for a 160 mm rotor. Use adapters for 180 mm or 203 mm rotors
  • Offset: 45mm
  • Damper: All-Weather, sealed oil cartridge, adjustable rebound, and compression with true lockout.
  • Airspring: TwinAir System, fully adjustable.

110mm Travel – 2050 g / 4.5 lb
150mm Travel – 2150 g / 4.7 lb