Durable?? - Lovely Jubbly...

Durable?? - Lovely Jubbly...

The Queen has been around for a long time...

So how can we all make things last?
12speed is not for everyone. Thin chains are wo.rking on a knife edge of breaking.  2-3 chains a year. Every 3 chains means a cassette change – this all costs money..

At OLSEN HQ we have chosen 3 drivetrain options that will last as long as Queeny.

LESS NOT MORE- BOX 8 or 9speed Drivetrains:
BOX have developed their Prime 8 & 9 speed drivetrains for robust shifting. We can build all of our bikes with the BOX durable groupsets.  BOX 2 is 9speed and BOX4 is 8speed, but both have the gear range of a 1x12 set up.  We choose BOX4 Prime 8 as it is economical and durable being durable with a modern gear range.
BOX developed ultra wide range 9 speed drivetrains for E-Bikes. This lead to BOX components going back to the future with Prime 9 technology. A drivetrain philosophy that borrows simplicity from the past and brings it into the modern format. The results are durable, simple, yet high performing shifting systems that have caught the industry by surprise chasing 12speed.

Singlespeed with a 11speed Cassette:
Singlespeed - the ultimate in drivetrain budgeting.  Not only will you save money, but you become a better rider.  We can build our bikes with a rear wheel with a 11 speed rear cassette.  This means that you can fit 8 - 12 speed cassettes. SRAM NX fits onto a Shimano 11speed HG cassette.  This does not work with SRAM GX, however we have XD cassette drivers for this.

Gates CDX Carbondrive with a 11speed Cassette:
Gates Belt-drive will still save you cash, lasting 2-3 winters - fit and forget.  Using an 11 speed wheel as above is an ideal way to try Gates CDX Carbondrive belt-drive 

As part of the Platinum Jubilee week, selected OLSEN frames are £999-
We have also set up chainless "Rolling chassis" for £1499.  (Just add your Brakes and Groupset).