Frames in the UK

Olsen Bikes are now making Titanium Frames in the UK. We wanted to develop lighter frames and offer custom geometries. We have been working with 3D printed titanium to get faster production results. We prefer to use Columbus Hyperion Titanium, however we canalso use plain guage or Dedaccia or Reynolds. We use grade 5 6AL4V and grade 9 3AL2.5V double butted Titanium to reduce the frame weight.

In 2024 Olsen Bikes have put all of this together to launch our Titanium frames which are Faster, Lighter and offer more custom geometries. We can design a geometry based on experience from our standard bike range. Olsen Bikes have simplified our prices across the range and can offer Pinion, Shimano or SRAM bikes with Hope Finishing Kit.

Custom Design & payments

In 2024 we have put Olsen Bikes have put all of this together to launch our Titanium frames which are Faster, Lighter and offer more custom geometries.

Place a deposit to secure your delivery slot.
Refundable deposit £ 1,000.00

  1. Olsen Bike designer, will work with you to create a design before taking the frameset payment
    Frameset £ 2,000.00
  2. We will contact you and work out a spec with you.
    At this stage we take one of the following drivetrain payments to secure your component order on suppliers
    Pinion £ 1,500.00
    Shimano GRX £ 1,500.00
    SRAM XPLR £ 2,500.00
  3. Your Bike will be 3D printed and manufactured in the UK.
    Final Hope Finish Kit £ 2,000.00
  4. Your Bike will be Shipped.

    We can design whatever type of bike you want, we have a lot of thoughts and designs in the pipeline. I have over 10years of designing for Pinion Gearboxes and look forward to the next wave of smart.shift drop bar builds.


A central, low centre of gravity for excellent handling and unrivalled riding dynamics, minimal maintenance, and a superior, perfectly graduated gear range – mountain bikes with Pinion gearboxes are made tough for your next offroad adventure. Whether it’s a multi-day tour, a demanding enduro stage, or a World Cup downhill course, Pinion shifting is the definition of consistent and reliable performance.

gates belt drive

At OLSEN HQ I put a lot of emphasis on designing the RocknRollout Dropout to work with GATES Carbondrive BELTS. I have developed this on and off over 5years getting the micro tension just right...

Gates Carbondrive brings you Olsen Bikes that are:
CLEAN - Just hose off and ride.
QUIET - The antidote to a high-tech world.
LOW MAINTENANCE - Fit and forget for 10,000 miles.


The RocknRollout Dropout is at the heart of the OLSEN frame design. We have focused our design around the rear derailleur dropout, but taken it further. Most bicycle frames have replaceable dropouts, but they do not allow for anything other than a derailleur. This idea came from the fact that UK riders often have a winter bike, which is often single-speed.
The RocknRollout Dropouts turn 1 Bike into 2 Bikes giving the rider more versatility. Summer bike with derailleur; winter bike as single-speed or internal gear hub.


You can choose the straight 44mm Headset "standard" or 42 / 52mm "tapered" headsets. .

S.H.I.S. code ZS44 EC44 allows for Tapered Carbon fork steerers with a 44mm external bottom bearing cup and a 52mm bearing. ZS44/EC44 and is also backward compatible with 11/8" steerers.

S.H.I.S. code IS42 IS52 allows for Tapered Carbon fork steerers with a 42mm integrated top bearing and a 52mm integrated bottom bearing.


If you're planning a long-distance bike packing tour, one of the best upgrades you can make to your bike is to switch to a Rohloff geared hub. A Rohloff Speedhub offers a number of benefits over a traditional derailleur system.

Overall, a Rohloff geared hub is an excellent investment for anyone planning a long-distance bike packing tour. Its durability, smooth shifting, and wide range of gears make it the perfect choice for touring on any terrain.

who is olsen bikes

My name is Steven Olsen. I worked with other cycling brands like On-One Bikes and Cooper Bikes, before starting my own brand OLSEN BIKES. I have always loved mountain biking and discovered single-speed MTBing after a crash in the middle of the Karapoti Classic 50km MTB race. Many years later, after a year of Off-road commuting for 30 miles (2+hours) per day, I started to design bikes for long distance.

Olsen Bikes offer bikes suitable for everything from Singletrack Trail riding to Bikepacking adventures and beyond. Whether you are Mountain Biking, Gravel Racing or want to Cyclocross, Olsen have a bike for you. The RocknRollout Dropouts tensioners run singlespeed, beltdrive, derailleur, Rohloff Speedhub, Kindernay XIV internal Hub.

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