Otherwise known as an Eccentric Bottom Bracket. This is nothing new, however we have developed the Strathpuffer with an Eccentric Bottom Bracket for two reasons:
1: Internal Cabling
2: Geometry adjustment
as a bonus this frame can be run as a third option.
3: Singlespeed.

WHY use EBB for internal cables?
Ask any bicycle mechanic and they will tell you that internal cables are annoying to re-route through the frame.
Standard bottom brackets do not have enough room to route the cables over the BB shell. PF46 and T47 were developed to resolve this issue.
We have gone LARGER than 46mm we have gone to 54mm. We adopted the Bushnell Bottom bracket standard of 54x68mm, making this frame backward compatible with after market solutions.

We have been developing a better EBB with RIDEWORKS based on their PF30 EBB 46mm design... however by using 54x68mm we were able to produce 17mm throw for tensioning the chain or adjusting the Geometry.
The RIDEWORKS EBB54 is a clean solution allowing both brake and gear cabled to be run over or under the BB shell.
Enduro Bearings are fitted and can be easily replaced - reducing the extra cost of External Bottom Bracket Cups + Eccentric Bottom Bracket.
RIDEWORKS have had a lot of experience developing their EBB46 for Niner SIR bikes, eliminating creaking and slipping issues. By going up to EBB54 we were able to space the clamping bolts wider to increase the locking force.

The fundamental advantage of an eccentric bottom bracket is that it can be modified to suit the individual requirements of the rider. This gives the user the ability to personalise their riding, making for a far more comfortable ride and smoother shifting. Since the eccentric bottom bracket may be modified to fit the rider's size, this is very helpful for riders who are not all the same size and shape.

Improved chain tension is one of the eccentric bottom bracket's main benefits. The standard bottom bracket is fixed in place, and the rear wheel position is used to change the chain tension. When the chain needs to be tensioned frequently, this can be a challenging and time-consuming task. However, a bottom bracket with an eccentric design makes adjusting chain tension simple; all it takes is turning the bottom bracket in the desired direction to tighten the chain.