HOPE you can stop at the GATES.

HOPE you can stop at the GATES.

Do I win "Pun of the Week"?

Olsen HQ have Titanium Bikes INSTOCK from £1699.

We have chosen quality products from suppliers that we have used for years.  We can build SRAM 12 speed Bikes or Single speed Bikes– but we have upgrades at brilliant prices for a limited time.

HOPE Brake Upgrade £150

We have Hope Tech3 X2 or Tech 3 E4 brakes instock.   HOPE Brakes are very reliable and easy to set up and service.  These are a great upgrade price.

We also have SRAM Level-T or SRAM Guiide RE Brakes which are included in the base price.

Gates CDX Upgrade £150

Gates CDX Carbondrive is the best belt-drive system in the market.  I have tried a few and logged over 10,000 on a single belt.  Cheaper than a 12speed rear cassette this year might be the year to try single speed with a Gates CDX upgrade. 

OLSEN bikes have the RocknRollout Dropouts with a hanger so that our bikes can be converted to derailleur system if you do not like it.