"N" minus 1.

"N" minus 1.

"N" minus 1.  There is a joke that cyclists want one more than they have. "N" being the number that the have and "+1" what they "want".  What happens if you have a DO-IT-ALL bike? Can we change the formula to N-1?
I started working on this with Mokihinui and OLSEN Bikes started with Gearbox Bikes.  It started as a Twitter conversation with some guys wanting a bike that could do the following:

  • Run both 27.5x3.0" and 29er tyres..
  • Run a Pinion gearbox for long lasting miles
  • Fit both Rigid or 120mm suspension forks

External split cables allow for the cables to be removed for cleaning.  This little detail ensures better shifting than a fully enclosed cable.  Fully enclosed cables still let water and eventually clog.

You will find more information on each detail on the landing page of each catagory like the following:

Should we do any of our other Gearbox Frames?  Karapoti Monstercross with Dropbars perhaps?  Xanadu for even longer distances and back of beyond Bikepacking potential?

Contact me with any ideas or enquiries at steven@olsenbicycles.com