On a Frame with NO Name

On a Frame with NO Name

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On a frame with no name

I've been through the desert on a bike with no name. It felt good to be out of the rain…

In case you missed it, I have some new frames coming… I have called it the HOVSGOL -but what would you call it?

An early prototype before RocknRollout dropouts
An early prototype before RocknRollout Dropouts... and bigger tyres

What is it??

It is indeed a bike that would be good to ride into the back of beyond. I have been calling it Hovsgol after the Mongolian Lake Khövsgöl. Like my other bikes Mongolia is on the bucket list where I would like to ride this bike. The frame with no name has Bikepacking 29er plus geometry fitting upto 29x2.8tyres. It has a higher sloping top tube than the Mokihinui, so that you can fit more gear inside the triangle. It also has the RocknRollout Dropouts for belt drive. This bike is a modern twist for those who want high volume tyres for grip control and comfort. This frame is at home with a rigid or 120mm suspension fork.

What’s the issue with the name then?

The lake's name is also spelled Hovsgol, Khuvsgul, Khövsgöl, or Huvsgul in English texts. It is called Хөвсгөл нуур Hövsgöl núr in Mongolian. Potentially this is too confusing for customer and google searches…

What’s the solution??

  1. Silence – call it Hovsgol any way
  2. Khuvsgul
  3. Khövsgöl
  4. Huvsgul
  5. Hövsgöl núr (Mongolian)
  6. 6. FWNN (frame with no name)