Travel Slow.... Make the Journey part of Adventure.

Travel Slow.... Make the Journey part of Adventure.

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I wanted to share this as this is what OLSEN Bikes is all about, and I am glad to be part of this couples journey.  We got contacted by a customer in Armenia enquiring about one of our frames fitting a Rohloff. He was looking for a replacement frame and sent me pictures of his cracked steel frame.

It had clearly done a lot of miles. We were going to ship to Armenia until we found out about Armenian customs and duty charges.  They headed through Iran towards UAE, where we were to ship the frame. Through Iran his Rohloff finally gave out.  So we got a delivery address for a local bike shop in Dubai and delivered a Frameset and Rohloff hub laced onto Hope Fortus Rim to match the front Fortus wheel.

Where had they been?
This couple have been not had a fixed location for few years on the road. They have logged years of miles. They have been twice in Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Iran, Oman, UAE.
They have been three times in Greece and Turkey. They have been as far as Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Currently they are heading towards the more interesting countries to come Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Ouzbékistan, Tadjikistan, Kirghizistan, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines.  ....But of course this is only a projection for the next year.