Great British barriers into the Cargo Bike market

Great British barriers into the Cargo Bike market

What does the future look like without SUVs? Reading Great British barriers into the Cargo Bike market 3 minutes

This is our journey to get the UK up and into cycling cargo bikes…

Prototyping… We are going to have a taller adjustable steerer…

CargoN e-Velo have been developing the best “Front Load” Cargo Bikes for several reasons. Front loaders look like they are difficult to ride, however they are not. The advantages are very apparent. Front Loaders allow the load to be lower and more stable than a “Rear Loaders”. Front loaders are safer for families and dog owners — allowing the rider to see their precious cargo.

At CargoN e-Velo HQ we developed a front load e-Cargo Bike with “Hub Steering” and a “modular” frame structure that separates for storage and transportation. Our front load design shows innovation, resolving storage issues and load safety.

Hub Steering developed for manufacturing in the UK.

Hub Steering — by removing the fork & steerer, CargoN have a shorter wheelbase, giving a modern distinctive look.
CargoN has the lowest Cargo Bike front platform able to tilt 40deg.
20" (BMX format) wheels allow for lowest stand over and shortest wheelbase (under 2m).
Modular design allows for several frame sizes, a choice in wheel sizes (20 or 26inch) and several cargo deck lengths, 400, 600 & 1m long.

Splitting the frame allows this cargo bike to travel further…

CargoN e-Velo started with a fresh approach. We researched the market for 2years looking for good and bad ideas and how they contribute to the Cargo Bike market. The UK market is small at the moment, however it is the biggest growth market in the cycle industry growing 30–40% year on year. The public are asking for alternatives to the diesel van, and to make their journeys more enjoyable.

We have partnered with ELEVATE. ELEVATE is an ‘e-micromobility’ research project, led by researchers at Leeds, Brighton and Oxford Universities. They have identified some key area which are barriers to the UK Cargo Bike market.

Combining our findings and ELEVATE’s research CargoN e-Velo established a criteria to start designing the range to address these barriers. I don’t need to say that Cycling in the UK is a very different experience to European Cities. Cargo Bikes also attract non-cyclists and it is the non-cyclist where the barriers are the most daunting.

Non cyclists want low maintenance. No derailleurs thanks.

Cycle lanes and roads in the UK leave something to be desired, however a Cargo Bike holds more authority on the road and an Electric allows Cargo Bikes to compete with diesel vans.

Rear loaders are popular with families, however when the children go the weight over the back wheel makes the bike top heavy and lets face it the family Labrador would be dangerous on a rear loader.
Front loaders look like they are difficult to ride, until you try one, then the advantages become apparent. The family dog will happily sit in the front without toppling a front loader.

Theft is a huge concern and we have made some of our bikes 2m long so that it fits in public lockups.

We can do all of this — look out for CargoN e-Velo we at Olsen Bikes HQ are loving them.