What does the future look like without SUVs?

What does the future look like without SUVs?

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We are really excited to announce CargoN e-Velo and IntraDrive have partnered up to create one of the first e-Cargo Bike without a derailleur. We have looked at the carrying capacity of existing cargo bikes and think we have an adaptable platform.
Olsen HQ has been developing an e-Cargo bike in collaboration with Pedal-me for two years. The project involved extensive brainstorming and research to assess the pros and cons of various designs. Longtails have become popular among families, while front-loader designs attract the interest of tradespeople and couriers.

We are calling this CargoN e-Velo and we have designed this as a practical alternative to Vans or SUVs. With an emphasis on electric motor assistance, cargo bikes can replace traditional vehicles for transporting goods or passengers. The CargoN e-Velo combines the benefits of e-motors with a lower, stable design for safe and efficient transport. This approach offers a sustainable and versatile solution for urban mobility and cargo needs.

Olsen Bicycles developed a range of low-maintenance bicycles, including Single-speed, Rohloff, and Pinion models, emphasizing simplicity and durability. Consistent with this approach, Olsen Bikes aims to avoid using a derailleur in our range. Instead we offer alternative drivetrain options such as Rohloff Speedhubs, Pinion Gearboxes and Gates Carbondrive. Olsen Bikes are ready for when you have had enough from the derailleur drivetrain.

While many e-Bikes are used for leisure cycling, the greatest benefit lies with e-Cargo bikes. E-Cargo Bikes are more versatile and can replace cars for transporting goods or passengers, significantly reducing emissions, traffic congestion and anti-social behaviour. E-Cargo bikes offer a practical, sustainable alternative for urban deliveries and personal transport, supporting a shift toward active travel and a reduction in overall transportation-related carbon footprints.

CargoN e-Velo has partnered with Intra-Drive to offer an e-motor system that does not require a derailleur. This collaboration allows for a smoother, more efficient ride while reducing maintenance needs.

Low-maintenance cargo bikes with minimal drivetrain cleaning are advantageous for fleet bike schemes due to lower operational expenses. A straight chain line reduces chain wear, extending chain life. There is also the option for a silent belt drive, which is lightweight and clean, eliminating the need for lubrication or degreasing. CargoN with IntraDrives e-Motor allow for changing gears while stationary and shifting multiple gears at once, providing even steps between gears for predictable gear changes.

Families prioritize the safety of their children when using e-Cargo bikes. Longtails offer many accessories to ensure kids’ safety, but as children grow, the weight distribution over the rear wheel can lead to instability. Additionally, longtails may not be suitable for carrying family pets on the back.

CargoN e-Velo HQ developed a front loader design for its e-Cargo bike due to its numerous advantages. This design provides a lower, more stable ride with enhanced safety, allowing the rider to keep an eye on the load in front. The front loader can also split, making it compact enough to fit in the back of a small car, offering convenience and versatility for families and commuters.

Transitioning to e-Cargo bikes may take time and effort, but the environmental and logistical benefits make it a worthwhile endeavor. We have put low front and rear racks in-line with the flat deck. This will allow future and custom accessories.

CargoN e-Velo uses hub steering, which makes our front loader design more compact and easier to maneuver. The lower frame height ensures safer transport of any load, particularly children and dogs.

The front loader’s ability to split allows the bike to fit in the back of a small car, offering convenience for transportation and storage. Additionally, this design flexibility enables the creation of longer commercial bikes from the same chassis format. CargoN e-Velo frame split design resolves storage issues that other bikes in the market do not address.

CargoN e-Velo were looking to reduce the steering wobble that some front loaders have. We were inspired by the Bimota hub steering used on motor bikes. We approached Elian and saw that Dan Titchmarch developed his own hub steering cargo bike. CargoN is has teamed up with a French consultant to get this into production.

Hub steering bicycles offer several advantages, especially for cargo and e-bikes. The compact design allows for a shorter wheelbase and easier maneuvering in tight spaces. They provide improved stability and control due to the lower center of gravity, which is beneficial when carrying heavy loads, especially when transporting children or pets.

Hub steering ensures consistent handling regardless of the weight of the load, and it also enhances load distribution, making the bike more balanced and easier to handle. Overall, hub steering offers a stable, efficient, and safe riding experience, making it a strong choice for cargo and e-bikes.

CargoN e-Velo have chosen two tyre formats 20inch and 26inch.
20inch (BMX format) wheels:

For around the city 20-inch wheels on cargo bikes offers several benefits, including improved manoeuvrability for navigating tight spaces and a lower centre of gravity for better stability and handling when carrying heavy loads. BMX wheels are designed for high-impact use, making them strong and durable for cargo transport. The smaller wheel size also reduces the bike’s overall weight, making it easier to handle and transport. The lower profile facilitates easier loading and unloading of cargo and provides a smoother ride on different terrains. 20inch (406) wheels are cost-effective and widely available, making them a practical choice for cargo bikes.

26inch (old MTB format) wheels:

This is the SUV of cargo bikes. Using 26-inch mountain bike (MTB) wheels on a hub steering cargo bike offers several benefits. The larger wheels provide better performance on various terrains, offering a smoother ride and higher load capacity. They also improve comfort and increase ground clearance for navigating obstacles. Additionally, 26-inch wheels provide enhanced rolling efficiency, making the bike more effective for long-distance riding. This combination enhances the cargo bike’s stability and versatility for transporting goods, making it ideal for families wanting a sports utility vehicle in the weekend and a solid multi purpose work horse during the week.