MORE HOPE is out there....

MORE HOPE is out there....

It rained in the UK a lot last week, turning the chalk trails into sheet ice. If you commute regularly, then you will know that the chances of getting completely bone wet is maybe 2x per year.  Drizzle accounts for most rain in the UK and wet weather gear has improved over the years.
So commute more, save more... invest in where it counts...

All the rain has given us at Olsen HQ HOPE:
It has reinforced the need to have alternatives to the rear derailleur.
Not only am I saving money on my drivetrain, but I can re-invest in my mode of transport, if I need too (rather than my drivetrain all the time).
Not all cycling routes suit single speed, so we now have Alfine 11, Rohloff internal gear hub and Pinion Gearbox bikes.

No more Failleurs...
We are now dropping derailleur bike builts - apart from special request.
If you want a derailleur and 8 or 12 gears then it is easy enough to add it to one of our #1 Single-Speed bike build which have wheels with 11speed compatible cassette drives.
Or hold out until next summer searching for those online groupset bargins.

Commuting with HOPE?
We had a customer who bought a Punakaiki-1 Single-Speed with the intention of running swapping over to his Rohloff wheel.
Single speed commuter during the week, Rohloff for longer distances over the weekend.

With rain, will Cyclo-Cross be the new Gravel?
It is nearly Cyclo-Cross season and the Punakaiki-2 can be built up as a sub-10Kg bike.
We have chosen components that work in the mud. BB7 brakes are easy to fettle if needed.
We have gone for the long pull MTB version as they work with Diacompe drop-bar levers for V-brakes.
10Kg is light enough to sling over your shoulder. Gates CDX carbondrive takes care of your drivetrain.
We have Lauf Grit forks for the ultimate pairing.

With Rain comes Rainbows of HOPE...
Every GATEs Carbondrive build gets more HOPE components. This means that you can choose a HOPE COLOUR...
You can even choose a Pro4 11 speed cassette hub.

The following items now come in any HOPE colour (black, blue, purple, red, orange and silver) :

  • Seat Clamp
  • Pick n Mix Headset
  • Evo or RX cranks
  • Front Hub with Black Hope Rim Wheel
  • Rear Hub with Black Hope Rim Wheel

All bikes get HOPE..
The Mountain Bike segment has fragmented into Monster Cross, Cross Country, Trail, Enduro, Bikepacking and so on....We have frames like the Karapoti, Otepoti and Mokihinui which spans those genres.

We will also do a pick and mix custom build. See one of the other builds and want to swap the frame?  The Mokihinui and the Otepoti (previously Xanadu) will both run 130mm suspension forks, but as winter comes it is time to go rigid with plus sized tyre.

So whatever you ride we HOPE that we can make bikes more HOPE-FULL for you...  Okay sorry I was trying for as many puns as possible... I HOPE you spotted them all.. sorry sorry..