The Smaller sized Bike CONCEPT:

The Smaller sized Bike CONCEPT:

This week I 'ave mostly been...

Working on the Smaller sized Bike CONCEPT:  This section is like Jessie's dairy (the Fastshow). And is all about whats going on at Olsen HQ. This week it is about something that I have been developing for a while and it is time to come out of my development shed...

The Smaller sized Bike CONCEPT:
This started as a KIDs bike. I realised that the market is flooded with bikes that last a few years before they grow out.  I have a (now) 7year old daughter who I have had riding to school since 5years old and over the wilderness of Covid19 lockdowns for adventures to kill the boredom.  This started with a bike that will not go into production, but it was a good starting point.  I realised that kids grow quickly and bikes are expensive and wasteful if you need to replace the whole bike the whole time.  

The Development of an IDEA:
The Mokihinui fits 2 sized wheels - allowing for different riding styles 27.5 and 29er.  What if we could do that for shorter riders or riders who are still growing?
These frames are all based around 2x "tyre" sizes with frame geometry with 70deg head angle and 73deg seat angle. There is plenty of room for stand over height and the geometry allows for 2 different wheel sizes per frame."

What WHEEL Size?

Wheel sizes: 24x2.2" or 26x2.2" tyres
With a 12" seat tube this frame is ideal for 6-10year olds or those who are 125-140cm tall

Wheel sizes: 26x2.2" or 27.5x2.2" tyres
With a 14" seat tube this frame is ideal for 10-16year olds or those who are 135-150cm tall

Wheel sizes: 27.5x2.2" or 29x2.2" tyres
With a 16" seat tube the Ram is ideal for 12-18year olds or those who are 140-160cm tall

This frameset comes with our take on the Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Bracket.
All cables run EXTERNALLY for easiy cleaning, repair and replacement. The rear brake runs externally along the underside of the top tube and down the rear seat stay.

Like all OLSEN bikes; I was going for some versatility.
The Eccentric BB allows the rider to drop or raise the BB height to adjust the geometry.
Lets not over think it... its a street bike, its a MTB, its enough to last longer than your average bike and change with the type of riding that you do.

What do you thinK?