The Ram & Swan fit upto 27.5 x 3.0" tyres

Whether you are running 2 wheelsets or want something different, both the Ram and the Swan will fit up to 27.5x3.0" tyres. This was the original concept to have two bikes in one. As a bonus 27.5" tyres allows you to run a Fork which has 20mm longer travel than on a 29er wheelset. You can run "Plus" tyres and a Rigid fork over the winter and 29x2.4" with a suspension fork in the summer...

The SWAN Is a Trail bike ideal for days out in Wales or Scotland Trail Centres. It has a low top tube to protect your crown jewels or nether regions, when you are throwing it off things. It is a good climber and descender, making it perfect for riding in the Peaks as well as Trail Centres. The SWAN was designed around the dropper post and both 27.5x3.0” or 29x2.4” tyres. It comes with 29” wheels and will fit 29x2.8” tyres.

The RAM is similar to the SWAN, however we took your suggestions onboard and designed it for longer forks and 148mm Boost Rear hubs... The 148mm rear is backward compard compatible with 142mm, by adding some 3mm plates to each side of the RocknRollout Dropouts. This frame has the same versatility, fitting 2 tyre sizes 27.x3.0" and 29x2.8". This frame has Trail geometry with 66deg head angle, long low top tube, dropper seatpost (geometry) and Rocker Split Dropouts for belt drive.


Hope do Pro5 Trails hubs in 142mm. Hope do not do 148mm Singlespeed Hubs... However they do 148mm Pro5 hubs with SRAM & Shimano freehubs. The Pro 5 wheels make a huge improvement, offering the right balance between speed of pick-up, load capacity, durability and drag. Hope have increased the points of engagement (from 44 to 108) using an offset 6 pawl freehub design, where 3 pawls are engaged at any time.


There is a lot going on in this part of the bike frame. Tyre and chainring clearance, but also frame stiffness. T47 internal keeps the bottom bracket nice and wide, while resolving the issues with PF92.  A 92mm shell allows the chainstays to be wider, providing more tyre clearance.  92mm also means that the chainstays can be welded wider on the frame, making the bottom bracket area stiffer for belt drive use. 

142 or 148 O.L.D. ROCK N ROLLOUTS

The RocknRollout Dropout is at the heart of the OLSEN frame design. The RAM has the RocknRollouts spaced at 148mm. The Swan has 142mm. We have focused our design around the rear derailleur dropout, but taken it further. Most bicycle frames have replaceable dropouts, but they do not allow for anything other than a derailleur. This idea came from the fact that UK riders often have a winter bike, which is often single-speed.


I chose the straight 44mm Headset "standard" for several reasons. They are straight and keep a simple look, while hiding their versatility. Zero Stack 44mm (ZS44) top or bottom cups and the External Cup 44mm (EC44) bottom cup. In SHIS codes 44/44 allows for both Tapered Carbon fork steerers using ZS44/EC44 and is backward compatible with straight steerers with either a crown reducer or a ZS44/ZS44 headset.