GRAVEL bikes

Gravel Riding has evolved form its early days of disc's brakes on road bikes to a mature adventure racing scene. Everything blurs at the edges, so we are looking at everything from the mud of Cyclo Cross to the fire roads of Gravel riding. You might want a bit of comfort over a multi-day Gravel event, so we have several Monster Cross bike builds to choose from.

Cyclo Gravel upto 700 x 35c-50mm tyres:
The Eight Bells has been designed a drop bar geometry fitting up to 50mm tyres. It is at home on broken roads with a sprinkling of gravel. It is part commuter part adventure. Great for shouldering up cyclo-cross climbs. You can ride this bike fixed or single speed, build it up to fit an Alfine or Rohloff hub. The Eight Bells can run 415mm A-C Lauf suspension forks.

Multi-day Cross Gravel upto 29x2.25 inch tyres:
When your body is suffering from a gruelling day of riding you will need wider tyres for comfort. Balloon tyre comfort made mountain bikes popular in the 1990's for this very reason. The LAMB geometry is designed for comfort, it can run dropbars with a shorter stem. With a higher bottom bracket height than the Eight Bells, the LAMB has better pedal clearance over rough terrain. The main reason for choosing the LAMB over the Eight Bells, is the larger tyre clearance, comfort and being able to move around the frame more. Also available with a Pinion Gearbox