Cross Country upto 29x2.4 inch

The LAMB geometry is where 29er mountain biking evolved and settled down into long distance race scene. This is a tried and tested 29er geometry designed for 80-100mm suspension forks. Rotational weight on XC tyres have got better and thats why the LAMB fits from 2.0 to 2.4" tyres. This geometry might look old - however it works as it has evolved over time.
Also available with a Pinion Gearbox

gearbox monstercross

Backpacking Plus upto 29x3.0 inch

The TIGER geometry was developed around big tyres and longer suspension than the LAMB. It has a longer reach and lower bottom bracket for stability. Plus tyres means more grip and less need for suspension. Like the LAMB the TIGER can be run with drop bars or flat bars.

29+ adventurer

27.5+ / 29+ tyres gearbox bikes

Back Country Trail upto 27.5x3.0 inch

The concept behind the SWAN was to have a design that works with 2 tyre formats...
Plus sized 27.5x3.0" tyres for grip and 29x2.4" for speed. This geometry was developed around the dropper post and Pinion Gearbox, however we do a derailleur, single speed version as well for riding around the trails with your friends.
This frame is versatile enough to run a 130mm fork with 29er wheels or a 150mm fork with 27.5 wheels.

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